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As we've experienced tinkering with our own bikes we have learned a bit we would like to share with anyone that wants to learn from our busted knuckles, dropped hardware and tools, and general bad practices. We have also gleaned tons of good information from other motorcyclists that have been gracious enough to let us share some of there information here. If there is a tech tip you know of that you would like to have published in this area please submit the tip to me . I always give credit to the author.

Where possible I have published these tech tips to pdf files.  This should make it easier for the user to print the file and carry it out to the garage.  Nothing is worse than greasy finger prints all over your computer.  If you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here:

Tech Tips for the ST1300

Tech Tips for the GL1800

General Tech Tips and Tools

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