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To Download Drivers Log

Click on this link: Drivers Log

When the File Download dialog box opens, select "Save"

Download the file to your desktop (or a folder you have created). The file size is approximately 18.9 MB.

After the download is complete go to the desktop (or directory) and double click on DriversLogSetup_319.exe

Everything should be intuitive from there.

One last thing: anyone that actually reads the license agreement that pops up at the beginning of the install (come on, does anyone but lawyers read that stuff anymore?) will notice that there is a paragraph stating that there is a trial period of 15 days, after which you need to pay $59.95 for the license key. IGNORE IT. Shane has the license key install with the software, so indeed this software truly is freeware.

Enjoy it and feel free to give me feedback. I will pass it on to Shane, Again, I nor Shane can offer any technical support.
To date there have been over a thousand downloads of this freeware, and no one has reported any malicious activity to me. If your virus and/or spyware software gives you an alert please contact us with the name of your software so I can test it and then send a note to the author of that anit-virus/spamware that they are giving a false alert.