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Shane Stump, creator of Stumpware created this software for monitoring maintenance, expenses, and overall costs of owning your vehicle. Much better than a simple spreadsheet, this log can be used to track multiple motorcycles and cars. There used to be a price for purchasing this software but Shane is moving on to other endeavors so he has allowed me to distribute this software for free to any and all that want to use it. In the future he will be developing a web based application that accomplishes what this software does but makes it much easier for folks to access and update their vehicle information anywhere, anytime.

This software is FREEWARE with no technical support. It is fairly intuitive but can become as complex as you want it to be. I nor Shane can offer any technical support of this product. It loads easy on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It should be upward compatible to Vista but there are no guarantees. Use this software at your own risk. I do, and am extremely impressed with its ease of use and reliability.

Again, this software is free with no technical support. If you have problems figuring it out I recommend you simply remove it from your computer.

Download Here